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About Us

About Biddy's Naturals

Hello, I'm Suzanne Bohman and I started Biddy's Naturals at the very beginning of COVID when I started obsessing about natural decongestants.  

After an assortment of Google searches, I stumbled upon this magical little concept of shower steamers. I started playing around with my own idea of what a formula should be and my first attempt was a slippery, unimpressive blob.  Challenge Accepted.

My family, friends and acquaintances all had input and I couldn't stop until I was sure I had the very best shower steamers.  It actually helped that it was Covid, as I felt like a caged animal with a cool idea.  This was an amusing obsession and wildly expensive as 100% pure essential oils are pretty spendy. 

After giving them away to folks all over the country in an attempt to garner direct feedback, I learned not everyone wants the strong, wake me up, OMG experience (Scents qualified as strong) and that some people really had an exceptional, positive reaction to other formulas such as Sunshine & Happiness (mild). So, who knew?  Opposing points of view are exceedingly valuable and I'm eternally grateful for their honest and direct opinions.  

The tests and trial formulas did not stop until I was certain these tablets were the very best; which took over a year.  Our steamers are of the highest quality in every sense, including the aromatherapy benefits, the longevity of the tablet and the strength & benefits of 100% pure essential oils.

We are pleased to say, those folks who originally tested our steamers are now some of our very best customers. The feedback we get everyday makes us so thankful we took on this little adventure as it’s truly fulfilling to hear all the good things people say about Biddy’s Shower Steamers.

Naturally, the linen and pillow sprays featured in blends noted for their calming & relaxing qualities followed suit. The sprays are luxurious on pillows, sheets and just about anywhere else. 

About 3Biddy’s Pet Treats



It was with our great love and affection for our original “3 Biddy’s”, Gracie, Dottie and Ruth that we started making pet treats; thus, the name 3 Biddy’s Pet Treats.



We want to know and fully understand what we are feeding them as we want nothing but the finest for our pups, so we partner with only local farms. The farms are relatively small family farms, often having existed for generations. These farmers are some of the finest, most decent people we know; we are proud to be in partnership with all of them.



Our intent with 3 Biddy's Pet Treats is to provide our customers with healthy, natural dehydrated beef liver. Dogs and cats love organ meat and are often motivated to do what you wish (within reason) in exchange for a treat. The treats are 100% liver with no additional flavors, colors, or preservatives. We’ve been making 3Biddy's in their current form since 2012. The Biddy's bits followed in 2021 and are a special treat and motivator for a timid eater. Please supervise your pet(s) while consuming 3Biddy's. As always, thank you for supporting Biddy's!



If you have any questions, please feel free to email Enjoy!


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