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Itty Biddy's Shower Steamers (2 Per Package)

Turn any shower into a soothing, luxurious spa with aromatherapy shower steamers made with generous quantities of 100% pure essential oils. Specially formulated to last for at least one very nice, long, soothing shower. We have 12 distinctive proprietary blends, which range from Mild, Medium to Strong.  Any steamer scent classified as “Strong” may also alleviate symptoms brought on by Covid, Cold & Flu. 

When it comes to shower steamers, nothing beats Biddy’s!

All twelve scents available in the cutest "Itty Biddy's" package. 2 aromatherapy shower steamers per pillow box. An excellent gift and also a great choice if you just want to try an assortment of shower steamers.

Essential Oils Listed in Alphabetical Order

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